Valentine’s Day Tablescape

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Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is approaching in just a few short weeks? I mean seriously time is flying by entirely too fast- it feels like just last week we celebrated NYE, am I right? Lately I have really been loving to create great tablescapes for the holidays; so it was a no-brainer to create one for this years Valentine’s Day. Keep reading to see a few of my favorite tips and some menu ideas for a perfect Valentine’s Day Tablescape.

CLICK here to see how to create the perfect Valentine's Day tablescape to get you inspired to create a perfect experience for the ones you love this year.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day I feel like it is the perfect holiday to go super girly and romantic. This tablescape is perfect for about 6-10 guests, which the perfect amount for an awesome intimate dinner party. You guys know I love to entertain so this tablescape is one of my favorites to date as it is simple yet chic and perfect for the holiday. When it comes to creating the perfect Valentine’s Day tablescape to me it involves combining romantic elements and thoughtful details. Think romantic, pink, candles, hearts or florals – basically the works. Below are five tips to help you achieve a stunning and memorable Valentine’s Day table setting!

CLICK here to see how to create the perfect Valentine's Day tablescape to get you inspired to create a perfect experience for the ones you love this year.

5 Simple Tips For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Tablescape

// CHOOSE A ROMANTIC COLOR PALETTE // Opt for a color scheme that exudes romance. Classic choices include shades of red, pink, and white. Consider incorporating metallic accents like gold or silver for an elegant touch. The chosen colors will set the romantic tone for the evening. For this tablescape I chose to stick to a super elegant yet romantic color palette- pink, white and gold with a few pops of red. I feel like makes a great color palette as it is not too “Galentine’s” and can be used for a girls brunch or a couple hosted dinner.

// ADD FLORALS AND CANDLES FOR A CENTERPIECE // Create a focal point for your table with a beautiful floral arrangement. Roses, tulips, or other romantic flowers work well for Valentine’s Day. Complement the flowers with candles to add a soft and intimate ambiance. Consider using candle holders or tea lights for a romantic glow. I love this tablescape cause it combined both florals and candlelight. I personally feel that candles instantly add a chic and elegant feature to any tablescape that just exudes Valentine’s Day. Don’t you?

// USE ELEGANT TABLEWARE + LINENS // Elevate the dining experience with elegant tableware and linens. Choose high-quality plates, flatware, and glassware- for this tablescape I loved using our gold flatware, pink scalloped charger plates and of course a baby pink set of wine glasses. You can also consider incorporating heart-shaped or themed dishes for a festive touch. I also made sure to use crisp, clean linens in white to enhance the overall aesthetic by adding a personal touch of a floral napkin ring to tie in the romance.

ADD PERSONALIZED DETAILS // One thing I ofter lover to do is to add a personal touch by including name cards or small personalized gifts for your guests. I feel by doing this it adds a thoughtful element to the tablescape and makes each guest feel special. A few good ideas are maybe consider incorporating small love notes or quotes related to love and relationships. For this tablescape I added a floral napkin ring to each napkin linen and will put personalized heart name cards accordingly based on my guests. 

INCORPORATE A ROMANTIC DETAIL ASPECT // Enhance the romantic atmosphere by incorporating small details such as heart-shaped napkin folds, scattered rose petals, or themed decorations. Use decorative elements like heart-shaped confetti or elegant table runners to tie the theme together. Once this tablescape gets put to use, I plan to add some fresh scattered rose petals to the table, to add an amazing scent as well as a bit more of a romantic detailed aspect. You can also add things like a heart garland or a faux flower garland to your chandelier or lighting – I also am going to add some hanging florals from our lighting to give it a bit more of that elegant floral romance feeling. 

  • Keep the table setting comfortable for conversation and dining.
  • Sometimes less is more. Don’t overcrowd the table with too many decorations, and ensure there is enough space for the main course and drinks.

So there you have it 5 EASY tips to help make the perfect Valentine’s Day Tablescape. With these tips and tricks- you can create a perfect Valentine’s Day tablescape that sets the mood for a romantic and memorable celebration. What are a few of your favorite Valentine’s Day tablescape ideas? Let me know in the comments below….


CLICK here to see how to create the perfect Valentine's Day tablescape to get you inspired to create a perfect experience for the ones you love this year.
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