How To Host A Fabulous Brunch At Home

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Entertaining at home is one of my favourite things to do. I love having friends and family over and being the hostess with the mostess. This year I have more gatherings at home than ever. I am sharing my tips on how to host a fabulous brunch at home. 

1.  Have a buffet so that your guests can serve themselves.            

2.  Layout plates, silverware, and napkins.  Prepare florals.  The night before, prep as many dishes as possible.           

3. Offer a variety of foods, and give your guests plenty of choices.  Don’t forget to ask your guests if they have any dietary restrictions.         

 4. A little background music is always good.  Find a playlist to play during the brunch.  I recommend having a Bluetooth speaker and then selecting a Pandora station to match the vibe.           

5.  The best time for brunch is noon.  If someone had a long night or a new baby, having a 9 or 10 a.m. brunch may not be ideal.           

6.  Cocktails compliment brunch.  Create cocktails that are great in batches and that can be served in a pitcher so that your guests can serve themselves.         

7.  Have fun creating the menu.  Pancakes are great to have at any time during the day, but they get cold very easily.  French toast, scones, biscuits, and quiche are a great way to set up your menu.  Always have a colourful fruit tray.  If you are serving appetizers, make sure that they are apps that can be chilled.           

8.  Have fun!  Don’t stress out.  A lot of things that we freak out about, guests don’t even pay attention to.  So relax and have the best brunch ever! 

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