Eating With Erica Southern Food Tour

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I have always loved visiting delectable restaurants on awesome road trips.  However, to be considered a “road trip,” the drive must be under three hours.  I love Atlanta, but there are much more desirable cities that are within driving distance of the metro area and are totally worth a visit.

I have launched my first ever Eating With Erica Southeastern Food Tour.  In each city, I will showcase innovative chefs, highlight the best restaurants in each city, and bring one of my blogger besties with me!

The featured cities are:

Birmingham, AL 

Atlanta, GA

Greenville, SC

Memphis, TN

Charlotte, NC

Savannah, GA

Charleston, SC

Nashville, TN

Follow my hashtag #EWESFT to keep up with all of my adventures.  Leave some of your must-visit restaurant suggestions in my comments.

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