Tips To Balancing Life and Be Present

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If we are being honest for a minute, when it comes to motherhood, work, life, friends and self-care all at once- it is HARD! So hard that at times, you might feel like you are overworked, overwhelmed and overall failing at all of it (this is me so hard). Keep reading to my top 10 tips to balance life and be present the best you can without feeling overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed? Looking for Tips To Balancing Life and Be Present? CLICK HERE to see my top 10 tips to balancing it all!

Ladies the first thing I am here to tell you that you can’t allow life to overwhelm you, or the guilt of not being always present with your children and family get to you because you are busy working– trust me you are human and humans can NOT be pulled 90 different ways and expect to succeed at them all. Trust me the more we try the more you will fail. As we venture into the new year self-care is a big thing – because let’s be honest – as mom’s we don’t really practice what we preach a lot of the time. That is going to change, and 2024 will be the year we change it all. Here is how!

Burn out can be real, and since we are usually so wrapped in our heads of go-go-go all the time, we might fail to recognize the signs of when you need to take a moment for yourself and really strive to find the perfect amount of work-life balance, friendship and motherhood balance, even a me-time/self-care balance. These tips have really helped me over the last few months to really mindfully find life balance and be present with whatever it is that I am doing from work to family and everything in between.

Overwhelmed? Looking for Tips To Balancing Life and Be Present? CLICK HERE to see my top 10 tips to balancing it all!

// CREATE A SCHEDULE // This is one of the biggest things that have actually helped. Establish a well-organized schedule that includes dedicated time for work, mom friendships, self-care, and being present with your family. I have found that by having a routine can help you manage your time effectively. So at the beginning of the month I map out on a family calendar everything we have going on for the month – whether it is a weekend family day, a work function, a deadline or more – everything goes on the calendar so that I know what time I have to actually put into the multiple areas I need to.

// PRIORITIZE TASKS // Have you ever noticed that after motherhood you sort of lose sight of your top priorities / they change big time. So I have really made an effort lately to identify your top priorities in each area of your life and focus on them. Recognize that you may not be able to do everything perfectly, but by prioritizing, you can ensure that the most important tasks are addressed. So sometimes NO is going to come to play when you have something that may or may not be a top priority.

// SET BOUNDARIES // This is something I struggled with forever. I tend to be a bit of a “yes” person at times, especially when it comes to everything I need to do and the goals I want to accomplish. But I have to admit boundaries are SUPER important. Clearly define boundaries between work and personal life are ESSENTIAL. When you’re with your family or engaging in self-care, it’s best to try to avoid work-related activities (i.e: not answering emails the whole time, turning phone into silent mode, etc). By establishing boundaries this helps to prevent burnout and ensures quality time in each aspect of your life.

// FRIENDSHIP QUALITY OVER QUANTITY // Let’s be honest women, we NEED girl time sometimes. And while maintaining friendships is important sometimes, you have to shift the focus on the quality of your interactions rather than the quantity. For instance instead of weekly girl nights that might become a bit overwhelming based on your schedule, sometimes you might need to do monthly, virtual, or even just a girls self-care day together. Meaningful connections doing activities that align with your interests and make the most of the time you spend with friend is a HUGE help and makes it very easy to make time for it rather than feeling overwhelmed at the thought of finding a babysitter and juggling a schedule sometimes.

// DELEGATE RESPONSIBILITIES // Another area I have been actively working on. But it is important to NOT be afraid to delegate tasks at work and at home. One of the biggest things I started to do was realize I can NOT do it all. So when possible, I make a huge effort share responsibilities with your partner (and sometimes ask for grace) and sometimes with family members, or friends if needed. By asking for help, delegating responsibilities it can majorly help alleviate some of the pressures and give you more time for self-care and being present with your loved ones.

// SCHEDULE SELF-CARE // For me lately making time for self-care is becoming a non-negotiable. Self-care helps recharge you cause again you can’t pour from an empty cup. Everyones version of self-care looks different whether it is exercising, reading, meditation, or any other form of self-care- it is crucial for overall well-being to take care of yourself and incorporate some sort of self-care into your life.

// PRACTICE MINDFULNESS // So this was a hard one for me, hence my quest for finding balance. But being mindful and present in the moment is MAJOR to help not feeling overwhelmed with life and balancing it all. Whether you are at work, spending time with friends, or engaging in self-care – being ,mindful can help you a ton. It allows you to fully experience and appreciate each aspect of your life without feeling overwhelmed. This is KEY!

Overwhelmed? Looking for Tips To Balancing Life and Be Present? CLICK HERE to see my top 10 tips to balancing it all!

// OPEN COMMUNICATION // Communicate is KEY! By communicating with your friends, family, and colleagues about your commitments and priorities it really helps alleviate a lot of stress of trying to do it all. Transparency helps big time to help manage expectations and allows others to understand your boundaries.

// LEARN TO SAY NO // Now being a solid “yes” person at times, I am learning the art of saying NO is so important. Once you understand your limits, and prioritize what is important to you- you stop being afraid to say NO when you need to. Overcommitting can lead to stress and exhaustion and massively being overwhelmed. So it’s crucial to be realistic about what you can and cannot handle.

// REGULARLY EVALUATE AND ADJUST // Sometimes we have to reflect, evaluate and adjust accordingly. Life is dynamic, and your priorities may shift over time as work priorities change, your children get older, etc… Regularly evaluating your schedule and commitments, and be willing to make adjustments as needed to maintain balance is super helpful so you can always ensure you are putting what needs to be first- first, and so on.

When it comes to finding balance in life , it is an ongoing process. It’s also extremely important to be flexible and adapt as circumstances change- because let’s be honest being a mother just about anything can and will happen. But it is up to you to prioritize what matters most to you and make choices that align with your values and goals. So remember it’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to say no, and most of all you can’t pour from an empty cup – whether it is a love cup, a friendship cup, a work cup, or just a self-care/me-time cup! You have to give yourself some grace sometimes, and rest, reset and regroup.

So there you have it, a few of my top tips to try to find life balance and be present- whether you are a mother, an entrepreneur, or both. No matter what your vision of a balance life is- remember it is possible, and it takes a bi of time and flexibility to figure out what works for you. Consider this your reminder to make time for yourself, practice a little self-care and find your inner balance between all the hats you wear. 

What are a few things you do in order find life balance and be more present? Let me know in the comments below…


Overwhelmed? Looking for Tips To Balancing Life and Be Present? CLICK HERE to see my top 10 tips to balancing it all!
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