After an early evening of relishing champagne and savoring light appetizers on the Supanniga Dinner Cruise, we had dinner at its sister restaurant, Supanniga Eating Room. This three-story restaurant offers wonderful views of the Chao Phraya River and the perfect view of the Wat Arun.  We dined at sunset, and the food and overall experience couldn’t have been more picture-perfect.  This dining experience was really special because the owner, Eh, dined with us also.

Dining at Supanniga Eating Room is one my Top 5 dining experiences of 2017.  They really rolled out the red carpet for us.  The restaurant is very chic and modern with bright colors and shiny hardwood floors throughout the space. The inspiration behind this concept is to introduce the world to the long-lost recipes, ones that were passed down from one generation to another by Thanaruek’s grandmother (khunyai).

I am so happy those recipes were passed down because the food at Supanniga Eating Room is truly authentic and full of flavor.  I assure you that you will not find a restaurant like this in Bangkok. I love a good martini, so we started our menu with cocktails. The cocktail menu was superb!  All of the cocktails are made with fresh ingredients.  I felt like a Watermelon Martini was appropriate for the weather, and I wanted something a little sweet.  My drink was a real treat because fresh watermelon was used, which was absolutely delicious. And as an added bonus, the cocktail wasn’t as sweet as I expected.  I, then, ordered the Earl Grey Martini which was completely opposite of my previous drink.  This martini was much drier, stronger, and also became my favorite.  It was a simple cocktail with only Earl Grey tea, lime juice, gin, and vodka.

For dinner, we virtually consumed everything on the menu, and I was as happy as a fish in water.  First, we started with fried chicken wings.  No matter what country I’m in, if I see wings, I am going to order wings.  They were much smaller in size than the chicken wings we order in the United States.  They also had a different texture of crispness.  The wings were served with a spicy Sriracha sauce.  I learned that Sriracha sauce was invented in Thailand in a Sri Racha, Thailand.  I had no idea that Sri Racha was a city.

For our second appetizer we tried PuJah.  PuJah was a combination of crabmeat and pork served inside a crab shell.  It’s steamed, and then lightly fried.  The consistency reminded me of a meatball, but the flavor was that of a fried crab cake.

Then came Choo Chi Pla Nue Aon.  This dish was a mixture of chunky nue aon which is a fish meat.  It was shredded fish meat, deep-fried and dry-sautéed with Thai sweet & spicy curr.  This dish was light, yet filling. I loved the Pad Ka Nah Pla Kem Koh Chang.  This dish is Hong Kong kale that’s stir-fried with salted fish from Koh Chang.  The veggies were really fresh and tasty paired with the lightly-fried fish.

Next was a stew called Moo Chamuang.  Slightly spicy, it’s a mixture of tender pork stewed with Thai herb and chamuang leaves.

I  was interested to try Pad Ka Nah Pla Kem Koh Chang. This dish is a Hong Kong kale stir-fried with salted fish from Koh Chang. The veggies were lightly seasoned and the salt fish was the ideally compliment to this dish.

After all of that, dessert was still on the menu.  One of my favorite desserts was the butterfly pea custard.  This dessert reminded me of a crème brûlée, except that it was served with steamed white bread.  You dip the bread in the custard like it’s fondue.  It was my FAVORITE dessert!  I also enjoyed the edible flower.

We, then, tried Kanom Krok which are mini Supanniga coconut rice cakes.  This dessert is one of Thailand’s favorite street food.  This dessert is made from coconut and flour.  It’s a light cake with a jelly-like filling.  There were a variety that we enjoyed with various Supanniga’s special toppings.

If you are looking for a restaurant in Bangkok that offers true authentic Thai food and first-class service with a sophisticated ambience, Supanniga Eating Room is the place to be.  My dinner experience provided me a fantastic experience like none other.  I highly recommend that you visit when exploring the Bangkok culinary scene.  I left with a full belly, a full heart, and great friends.