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Recipe: Crispy Crusted French’s Jalapeños Stuffed Chicken Breast with Buttered Shrimp and Lobster

This sponsored post is brought to you by French’s for the #RealFlavorsHaveCrunch holiday campaign.

For my family, Thanksgiving dinner is a time when more traditional sides and entrees are expected and preferred.  I don’t know about your family, but my family has been eating the same Thanksgiving dishes for YEARS.  And everyone is aye-okay about it.

I dare not bring a non-traditional dish to Thanksgiving; however, Christmas dinner is where I can have fun with introducing my family and guests to delectable new dishes.  Even though they won’t admit it, they look forward to this highlight for Christmas dinner.

This holiday season, I am taking some of my family members’ favorite ingredients and making a dish that is sure to impress.  When you create this recipe, I assure you that everyone is going to be asking for this recipe.  The best part of this dish is that it can be created for a group of six or a weeknight dinner for two.  This recipe is simple, scrumptious, and sophisticated.

The importance of this recipe is the crunch, when breading the chicken.  For the best crunch, I  used French’s Crispy Jalapeños. French’s has been a key ingredient in my family members’ dishes for years.  From green bean casserole to burger toppings, French’s Crispy Vegetables are a staple in my house. You will be happy to know that they are made with real jalapeños, which are non-GMO certified.

I paired this delicious stuffed chicken with whipped garlic rosemary mashed potatoes.  I took my mashed potatoes and placed them atop the chicken, which made it a match made in heaven because potatoes make me absolutely happy!  We all know that it’s cold outside, which makes this meal the best type of comfort food.

Happy Holidays!

 Crispy Crusted French’s Jalapeños Stuffed Chicken Breast with Buttered Shrimp and Lobster


8 boneless chicken breast halves (about 3 pounds) without skin

1 pound of cooked shrimp

2 steamed lobsters (1 1/2 pound)

French’s Crispy Jalapenos (For Chicken coating)

2 cups of mozzarella cheese

4 tablespoons unsalted butter

Salt to taste

1/2 cup onion, chopped fine

1 egg

1/2 cup of wine

McCormick’s garlic powder to taste (optional)

1/4 cup heavy cream

McCormick black pepper to taste

1 cup of flour

McCormick Ground Cayenne Red Pepper to taste

McCormick’s Onion powder

Oil for frying


Pound the chicken breast with a tenderizer hammer.

Set Aside

Remove all the meat from the lobster and roughly chop, leaving some large pieces. Set aside.

Remove tail from shrimp and cut into small pieces. Set aside.

Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a small skillet, saute scallions for 2 to 3 minutes.

Add lobster meat, shrimp salt pepper (to taste) stir quickly to combine over high heat. Set mixture aside.

In a medium bowl, mix the shrimp, lobster, onion, cheese, 2 tablespoons of heavy cream and garlic powder.

Add remainder of heavy cream with egg; whisk.

Crush French’s Crispy Jalapeños for coating. Make sure coating is crushed small enough to coat chicken breast.

You can choose to season either the chicken or the coating.

Use a large sharp knife, cut the chicken breasts.

 Do not cut the chicken breast all the way through.

Put the stuffing mixture in the chicken breast. Stuff the chicken.

It’s totally fine if you cannot fit all of the stuffing in the chicken breast

Dip the chicken in flour. Then dip in egg and milk mixture.

Dip in the coating.

You may bake the chicken after coating in a 350 degree oven until juices run clear and the coating turns brown (about 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Discard toothpicks before serving.

Serve with mash potatoes

Erica Key

Erica Key is the editor-in-chief and founder of Eating with Erica. She founded Eating with Erica in 2013 due to her love for the Atlanta food scene. Erica is an award-winning Atlanta-based blogger with a passion for all things dining, entertaining, and food.