Who’s Eating With Erica: Jade Hall

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Witty, chic, and talented — are just a few words I can use to describe Jade Hall.  We met each other after running into each other at some of Atlanta’s best events.  After several run-ins and a couple glasses of champs, we decided we were compatible and have been drinking champs sharing laughs and shade ever since. 

Learn about Jade and read about our dining experience below:

 Name: Jade Hall

Bio: Chicago Born, Atlanta Raised, Future Billionaire Entrepreneur & Impact Player

Occupation: TV & Film Producer

ATL hood: Buckhead

Where we dined: Table & Main

First time dining at the restaurant: Yes

Favorite item on the menu and why: Fried Chicken. Crispy but moist and flavorful.

Meet Jade Hall

  1. Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts? Starbucks, Iced Chai all day!
  2. Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Not a soda drinker but… Coke
  3. Rose or champagne? Champs
  4. Guilty pleasure? Youtube Tuts
  5. Reservations or recipes? Reservations these days
  6. Your go-to recipe to create for a party? Lasagna
  7. What would be your last meal? Lobster Mac w bacon
  8. Favorite Food? Mac & Cheese
  9. Least favorite food? Brussel Sprouts
  10. Go to cocktail? Vokda Lemonade w Mint
  11. Do you eat leftovers? Uh, duh
  12. Favorite Atlanta Restaurant? Hmmm, don’t think I have one!
  13. Favorite Restaurant Nationally? Portillos, yum.
  14. Coffee or Tea? Tea
  15. If you could dine with anyone dead or alive who would you dine with? John C. Maxwell
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