Why It’s Important To Spend Time With The Ones You Love During The Holidays

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The holiday season is often a busy time for many people due to various reasons such as holiday preparations, shopping, social events, and year-end responsibilities. Let’s be honest the holidays mean BUSY time for most of us. However, despite the hectic nature of this time, spending quality time with loved ones remains crucial. Since COVID times we have all been too busy to slow down and make time, am I right? Keep reading to see ways you can spend time with quality with loved ones this holiday season!

Connection and Bonding // The holidays provide an opportunity to strengthen bonds and connections with family and friends. Spending time together allows for meaningful interactions, shared experiences, and the creation of lasting memories. I feel like since COVID we have all been on the go too much, and while 2020 made us slow down a bit- now we are at full spend- and building that connection and bonding with family is super important.

Stress Relief // Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, taking time to be with loved ones can serve as a stress reliever. Positive social interactions and the emotional support of close relationships can help alleviate the pressures that often accompany this time of year. Stress duding the holiday season is at an all time high, and I love just enjoying time with the ones I love as a way to de-stress and re-center.

Traditions and Rituals // Many families and friends have traditions and rituals they follow during the holidays. These activities contribute to a sense of continuity, identity, and shared history. Engaging in these traditions fosters a feeling of togetherness and belonging. I love doing a girl day with some of my close friends and do fun Christmas activities like making gingerbread houses and enjoying a glass of wine. Who can’t resist a little wine and a competition?

Joy and Celebration // Holidays are a time of celebration, and sharing these moments with loved ones enhances the joy and festive spirit. Whether it’s exchanging gifts, enjoying a meal together, or participating in festive activities (like gingerbread house making, decorating the tree together, etc…), basically the presence of loved ones adds to the overall sense of celebration.

During the holidays we are always on the go. This year I am sharing why its important to spend time with the ones you love during the holidays. CLICK HERE and see why!

Reflection and Gratitude // The end of the year often prompts reflection on the past and gratitude for the present. Being with loved ones encourages gratitude for the relationships and support systems in one’s life, fostering a positive mindset as the year comes to a close. We often like to do things where we do our highs and lows of the year, and foster a positive mindset with some goals going into the new year.

Support During Challenges // For some individuals, the holiday season can be emotionally challenging. It may bring about feelings of loneliness or stress. Spending time with loved ones provides a source of emotional support and can be particularly comforting during difficult times. This year for me it will be a different sort of holiday season after the unexpected death of a good friend of mine, however; I know that leaning on my loved ones especially during this time is important.

Building and Maintaining Relationships // Regularly spending time with loved ones helps build and maintain strong relationships. It reinforces the idea that these relationships are a priority, contributing to long-term emotional well-being.

Quality Over Quantity // In the midst of busy schedules, it’s important to prioritize quality time over quantity. Meaningful conversations, shared laughter, and genuine connections have a more profound impact on relationships than simply being physically present. This one is particularly important o me as I have made an effort this year to slow down a bit and prioritize being present.

During the holidays we are always on the go. This year I am sharing why its important to spend time with the ones you love during the holidays. CLICK HERE and see why!

In essence, while the holiday season may be busy, carving out time for the people who matter most is a valuable investment in emotional well-being, happiness, and the strength of interpersonal connections. It’s a reminder of the importance of relationships and the positive impact they have on our overall life satisfaction. You know the saying “home is where the heart is” well it runs try that “home is wherever your loved ones are” whether they are friends, family, or chose family – this is the year to make sure to spend time with the ones you love.

So what are a few ways you are going to spend the holidays with your loved ones? What are some tips you have to make the holiday season a bit more special this year?


During the holidays we are always on the go. This year I am sharing why its important to spend time with the ones you love during the holidays. CLICK HERE and see why!
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