There is nothing that I love more than a Sunday brunch. Last weekend I had the chance to experience Lapeer Seafood Market located in Alpharetta, Georgia. It was my first time dining here, but after experiencing terrific service, fresh seafood, and beautiful sights of the interior, I will be returning sooner than later. 

The menu at Lapeer is hyper-seasonal and local and focuses on coastal cuisine.  The menu changes quite often, sometimes daily.  The fish is wild-caught and the shrimp are caught from along the Gulf of Mexico.  
The team sources their produce directly from farms in Georgia, such as Levity Farms, Tucker Farms, AJ Stonehaven Farms, Martinas Garden, Crystal Organics, Ashland Farms, and Grant Wallace Farm.

We started our meal with the fried shrimp and shrimp roll. Typically I am not a fried food person.  But the fried shrimp was fried to perfection and didn’t have any excess grease. You’ll love the zesty lemon aioli that the shrimp are served with.

Fried Shrimp

The shrimp roll is an entree, so my date and I shared it.  This sandwich was filled with large chunks of wild-caught shrimp simply tossed with mayo and lemon, and then stuffed into a butter toasted brioche bun.  This sandwich was simply divine. 

Shrimp Roll

We then ordered our entrees: the crispy fish sandwich and carbonara.  The fish was fried to perfection and topped with tartar royale, cabbage slaw, and voodoo chips. We typically aren’t cabbage people, so we ordered ours on the side, which was so good, but we should have left it on the sandwich. The restaurant doesn’t offer fries, so the voodoo chips, which have a salty and vinegary taste, were a great replacement. 

Fish Sandwich

The carbonara was my favorite item of the dining experience.  The pasta was ethereal and creamy, and the flavor was rich and peppery.


My brunch experience at Lapeer was stellar, and I can’t wait to visit again.  Make sure to add this restaurant to your bucket list.