Lunch at Chef Rob’s Caribbean Cafe with Shanae Thomas

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Chef Rob’s Caribbean Cafe 

Address: 5920 Roswell Rd. #117 Sandy Springs, Georgia 30328

Phone Number: (404) 250-3737


Monday-Wednesday 11:30 am – 10:00 pm

Thursday-Friday 11:30 am – 2:00 am

Saturday 12:00 pm – 2:00 am

Sunday 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm



Instagram: Chefrobupscaleloung



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Typically, when I visit Chef Rob’s, I visit the the Upscale Lounge that is connected to the restaurant, The Caribbean Cafe. Chef Rob’s Upscale Lounge has great events almost every night of the week that range from karaoke to comedy shows. The lounge also offers $20 hookah every evening and the crowd consists of very upscale, mature people who just like to have a good time. I heard great things about how scrumptious and authentic the food was at the Caribbean Cafe and I read rave reviews about how talented Chef Rob is, so I decided to visit and see for myself. I invited Shanae T from this season of The Bad Girl’s Club. My goal is always to encourage my guest to try new foods and since Shanae had never tried crab cake, we started with a crab cake appetizer. It was full of flavor with the perfect amount of lump crab meat and the stir fry veggies that accompanied the crab cake provided the dish with a unique twist.


Appetizer Crab Cake 


Lunch With Shanae T

Ordering an entree wasn’t difficult. I love pasta, especially Caribbean inspired, and I ordered the Jerk Chicken and Shrimp Fettuccine. The jerk chicken and shrimp was served over fettuccine pasta in a cream sauce and topped with parmesan cheese. The size of the entree was huge with the shrimp and chicken seasoned to perfection. The Alfredo sauce had the perfect amount of cheesiness and spicy spices, which was an equal blend of both. The dish had a great Caribbean seasoning and the pasta was very filling. Shanae ordered a more traditional dish which was Caribbean Curry Chicken with Rice, and Plantains. Her plate was filled with food. Chef Rob’s has amazing portions, you get a lot of food for your buck. Shanae loved the food and rated the the entire dining experience, “exceptional.” I am returning to Chef Rob’s and I recommend you give it try as well you will not be disappointed.


Caribbean Curry Chicken with Rice, and Plantains  


Jerk Chicken and Shrimp Fettuccine

After an enjoyable lunch I was able to chat with Shanae. I wanted to about discuss her experience on The Big Girls Club, her favorite foods and her upcoming projects.

EWE: How did your family react when you initially told them you were going to be on the Bad Girl’s Club?

Nae: When I first found out about being the show I only told the people who’s opinion really mattered to me, which was was mom and dad. I am really blessed to have a very supportive family. My mom was worried about the fighting and the drama that you tend to see but she supported me and my decision. My Dad is beyond nonchalant,  so if it was something I wanted to do and he didn’t want me to do it he would have agreed anyway to avoid argument. When I explained to both of them this was all a part of a bigger picture as in regards to my career ect., they were on board and supportive.


With Owner Chef Robert Gayle, Shanae T, and Erica Key 


Interviewing with Shanae T 

EWE: What are some of the negatives you have experienced from being on The Bad Girls Club?

NAE: The biggest negative has been that I have had to overcome the bad reputation of the show, but there is so much more than the fighting and arguments that air. Another negative is that as much love and support I receive, there is just as much hate. The haters are very blunt and have no problem trying to bring you down. A lot of people take the show way too serious. Reality TV is pure entertainment, and sometimes you can’t get that point across to people. The show offers a bigger message and platform for troubled girls to change their lives.


Owner Chef Robert Gayle and Shanae T

EWE: What are the some the positives have you experienced from The BGC?

NAE: The experience overall has been life changing. I have learned so much about myself and the reality TV industry. I have really developed a tough skin in regards to people’s opinion of me. I have learned how to take the love with hate. I have been really fortunate to receive this opportunity to a be on a national TV show. Through this opportunity, I have also been able to work with various companies and try their products and assist in promoting their businesses. Which is great, because I get to sample some wonderful items. The most rewarding aspect of this experience has been my fans, they are truly incredible and really are my motivation.

EWE: What is your favorite cuisine of food?

NAE: It’s impossible for me to choose just one, I come from a really diverse background. I grew up with a Mom who is a foodie and loves The Food Network and travels all over for new food experiences. Growing up she was always buying cook books and cooking all types of cool new meals. From Thai to Mexican, she cooked it all, and I was lucky to try every type of cuisine. My Mom is a jack of preparing all cuisine. She is the reason why I love all types of food.

EWE: If you are scheduled for the electric chair what would be your last meal? 

NAE: Without a doubt, I would be eating my mom’s red beans, chicken and rice. It’s my favorite meal. It’s really fattening and I am trying to watch my weight so I can only eat it every now and then. But if I’m getting the electric chair, I am going to eat an entire pot.

EWE: Do You Cook?

NAE:I absolutely love to cook and I’m good at it! I am still working on perfecting my touch but it’s coming along. I like trying new recipes. During thanksgiving of 2009 I prepared the entire thanksgiving meal, my family really enjoyed themselves. Due to my busy schedule, I can only cook once, maybe twice a year. But whenever I do it’s extremely memorable.

EWE: What is the definition of a good dining experience to you?
NAE: A pleasurable dining experience to me is spectacular food, a great environment, an attentive server and the flow of the meal just moving along smoothly.

EWE: What are your favorite 3 restaurants in Atlanta?

NAE: Strip, Harold Chicken and Atlantic grill

EWE: What are some of your latest projects?

NAE: Well,  I am currently working on my t-shirt line with the expressions #teamnae  #justbecauseiamabadgirlthatdoesnthavetobeabadthing. I have gotten a few offers to work with some clothing lines that I am considering. I am also a dancer. I have really been working pursuing dance. It’s my passion and I have been working on perfecting my craft. I really want to take my dancing career to the next level. I would love the opportunity to travel, and dance back up for an artist. In a perfect world, it would be Beyonce.

When I first invited Nae to complete a restaurant review with me I had no idea what to expect in her personality and demeanor. After meeting and chatting with her, she is a complete sweetheart. She was very polished, professional and overall made me glad I decided to reach out her.

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