Interview With Carla Facciolo

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Everyone that I know truly enjoys watching Mob Wives, New York. The cast is entertaining, and the show Carla Faccolo Pichas a realness that I appreciate. I was able to talk with Mob Wives Star, Carla Facciolo. Being from New York City, I figured Carla would know a thing or two about tasty food, and I wanted her to give me a few recommendations for all the must-try cuisines and eateries for my upcoming New York City visit. Although Carla wouldn’t give me any details about Season 4 of Mob Wives,she says you have to watch and see what happens. Mob Wives this season! We had a blast discussing her favorite New York Restaurants, her new soap line, and how she maintains her incredible physique.

Eating With Erica: I follow you on Twitter, and your pictures of food always look mouth-watering. I read that you would like to launch a cookbook. Is that in the works? If so, what type of recipes will you be featuring? 

Carla Facciolo: I have always wanted to publish my own cookbook. I come from an Italian family, and my father is a huge cook. When I create my cookbook, I want the cookbook to be an Italian, healthy cookbook. I would like to add a healthy spin to classic Italian dishes. For instance, I would have recipes like chicken Parmesan, but a healthier version. I would have grilled chicken and change traditional pasta to whole wheat pasta. It is still great food, but just eating clean. I also want my cookbook to be focused on the mom-on-the-go. I desire to create healthy recipes that moms can make quickly without sacrificing time and still be able to eat clean.

EWE: The New York food scene has so much to offer. What are three restaurant recommendations that you would suggest to a tourist, and why? 

CF: This is a tough choice. New York is a huge city and has so much to choose from. But if I had to choose, the first place I would suggest is Catch ( It is located in the Meat Market area. I am a big fan of fresh food. I love sushi and fish. I would have to recommend Catch, because the food is always so fresh and enjoyable.

The second restaurant would be Harlow ( The restaurant is located in the 50s. The restaurant displays beautiful decor and has a great ambiance. It’s a must-see. And the wine list is impressive.

The final suggestion would be Porto Vivo. The restaurant is located in Huntington, New York. Chef Joe Balbo is an upcoming chef in the culinary world and the amount of talent he has is mind blowing especially to be just starting out. When I visited Port Vivo, he kept bringing me various pastas to try and they were delicious. I feel with the amount of talent Joe possesses, he is going to go really far in his career. The food is by far the best I have tried. The wine room is beautiful, and their wine list has so many options. I know whenever I dine there, I am guaranteed to enjoy myself and have a pleasant dining experience. My dining experience at Porto Vino was excellent, and I highly recommend you visit and meet Joe.

EWE: What is your go-to meal and cocktail? 

CF: No matter what, I try my best to stay away from fattening foods.  My go-to meal would be a great Chile sea bass or salmon.  I don’t like heavy foods. Every time I go out, I have a nice glass of wine with dinner. If I am going out with friends, going to a club, or lounge, my go-to cocktail is Grey Goose and club soda with a lime. I don’t have to worry about any calories in that drink.

EWE: If you were scheduled for the electric chair tomorrow, what would be your last meal?

CF: Linguini lobster in a Fra Diavolo sauce. If it is my last meal, I don’t need to worry about calories from the pasta.

EWE: How would you rate your experience on Mob Wives? 

CF: I would say it was definitely an experience to say the least. I would have never thought I would be on a reality show. I have always been very private, so my life was completely different when I was on display for the world. It was odd having cameras in my face all the time. I have always been a drama-free person, and to be in the midst of the all the drama that took place was overwhelming. Anytime you put your life on display for the world to see, it is always a memorable experience.

EWE: Your are in phenomenal shape. Do you diet? 

CF: I don’t diet, but I have a food regimen. I eat clean, and I watch what I eat all the time. I go to the gym everyday also. So instead of dieting, it is a way of life. I eat yogurt throughout the day, and I don’t eat carbs at night. I eat about 4-6 small meals throughout the day to keep my metabolism up. I eat a lot fish rather than pasta. I stay away from dessert which really isn’t hard because I really don’t have a sweet tooth. Sunday is my cheat day. I go to my family’s house, and my father cooks. He is a very heavy cook, so I get to enjoy a day of the good stuff.

EWE: What advice would you give someone who is thinking about doing a TV reality show?

CF: If you are a private person, you have to ask yourself are you ready to put your life on display for the public. You have to ask yourself if you are ready for your life to be an open book.  If you don’t care about people’s opinions of you and you don’t mind people being in your business, then do it. But if you are private and you aren’t ready to be under scrutiny, reality TV may not be for you.

Carla Faccolo

EWE: What new business ventures can we expect to see from you this year?

CF: I have a soap line called Carla Faccio Soap ( The line will feature multiple all-natural handmade sugar scrubs and soaps. I love all-natural products, and when you use the an all-natural product, you can feel the major difference.  Especially for my skin, I have never used soap on my face. I met a woman who made all-natural products, and I loved the product . I could actually use the products on my face, and that’s great because, again, I have never used soap on my face. So you can purchase these products online right now. I truly assure you, you will not be disappointed. I will have a wine and prosecco line out in the New Year.

 Make sure you follow Carla on Twitter @Carlafacciolo & Instagram @Carlafacciolo.

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