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Big Ang portrait

I had a chance to chat with Big Ang from the hit show “New York Mob Wives.” Big Ang has recently launched her wine company, “Big Ang Wines,” and I wanted to find out more about this latest business venture of hers!

Q. What was the inspiration behind the launch of your wine company?

A. I have my Drunken Monkey in Staten Island, now I have Miami Monkey in Miami. I am serving different brands to my customers, so why not create my own! I partnered with Specialty Marketing Group, and we picked out three of the best-selling wines in my bars and created “Big Ang Wines.”

Q. What is the mission of Big Ang wine?

A. My mission behind myself and the brand is to expand as an entrepreneur.  I’m a mom, wife, and business owner, and I want to continue to broaden my brand and do what I love at the same time.

Q. Do plan you on expanding to liquor?

A. Anything is possible!


Big Ang Chardonnay

Q. Can Atlanta expect to see a Drunken Monkey?

A. I hope you can expect to see a Drunken Monkey everywhere! That’s what I am hoping for!

Q. What are some recommended food pairing with your wine?

A. My Cabernet can go along with a baked eggplant or a filet mignon.  Prosecco can go along with fried or baked fish, scallops, chicken, or steamed crabs.  It’s a pretty versatile wine that you can pair with appetizers, entrees, and desserts. You can also use it as a mixer to drinks.  My Chardonnay is great with salmon or shrimp scampi.

Q. Where can we purchase your wine? 

A. Since we are launching this month, we are in the process of locking in distributors around the US.  We will be launching in NY and planning some wine tasting events soon.  My wines will also be available to order online at


Big Ang Cabernet

Q. What else can we expect to see from the Big Ang Wine Brand?

A. Right now our focus is on making this collection a success then we will broaden from there.

Q. If you were scheduled for the electric chair tomorrow, what would be your last drink?

A. A shot of Patron followed by a glass of  Big Ang Prosecco.

photo 3

Q. What is your favorite wine of the collection, and why?

A. It really is too hard to choose.  We have three different wines in our line: a Prosecco; a Chardonnay; and a Cabernet.  I love them all!

Make sure you follow Big Ang Wines on Twitter and Instagram @BigAngWines and follow her at @BiggAngVH1.  

Tune in to VH1 on Sundays at 10 p.m. for an all new “Miami Monkey,” and if you’re in the Miami area, you better stop by the Drunk Monkey, 1330 Ocean Drive, 2nd floor

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