August & September Chef Of The Month: Chef Aleem

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August & September Chef Of The Month: Chef Aleem 

August & September’s Chef of the month is Chef Aleem. I wanted Chef Aleem to be featured this month on Eating With Erica because he has an amazing gift when it comes to food. The dishes he creates not only are appeasing to the eyes but as well as the taste buds. Everyone knows I’m sucker for a great meal and a even bigger one for a wonderful presentation. I follow Chef Aleem on Instagram (@chef_aleem) and his pictures always make me hungry and wanting to try new foods. Chef Aleem is currently a personal chef for Grammy award winning artist, 2 Chainz and I was able to chat with Chef Aleem to discuss his current projects.








Eating With Erica: What are some differences between cooking on the road and cooking in a regular kitchen? 

Chef Aleem: The Instagram pictures you see are prepared on a tour bus going between 70-80 miles per hour and on the bus it’s more of a confined space. While on the road I also have to find places in various cities to get the freshest produce, seafood, etc. In a standard kitchen I have more space to move around in and everything is right there for me to have easy access to.

EWE: How did you become 2 Chainz’ chef?

CA: Well, I had a restaurant in College Park and he was from the area. He would call me when he was in town and stop by and pick up plates from my restaurant or I would bring him plates to the studio. I would always joke around with him and say, “when you get big I’m going to be your personal chef.” He always said I would and one day he came to me and offered me the opportunity. I agreed and I have been his personal chef for last 2 years. We are actually collaborating on a cookbook scheduled to accompany his album, B.O.A.T.S II: Me Time. The cookbook will feature recipes for about 14-15 meals.

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EWE: Who is your biggest influence regarding cooking?

CA: My mother. While growing up she cooked a variety of foods ranging from Thai, Chinese, and Soul Food. At least 5 out of the 7 days of the week we had something new and different. There are other chefs I respect and  have admiration for their skill set such as Chef Marcus Sanderson and Chef Thomas Kelly.

EWE: You’re scheduled for the electric chair. What is your last meal? 

CA: I have no idea. It’s hard to chose just one last meal. But whatever I’m going to eat has to have some type of surf and turf involved.

EWE: What is your favorite dish to prepare?

CA: I like cooking seafood, but there are so many meals I prepare there isn’t one favorite dish in particular. When I do prepare a meal for anyone and their plate is clean, that is my favorite meal to prepare. As a chef there is no greater compliment to receive than receiving an empty plate. That’s how you know someone truly enjoyed your food.


EWE: What is Cool Kids Cook?

CA: Cool Kids Cook is a nonprofit foundation that focuses on kids in the kitchen. Cool Kids Cook encourages kids to choose culinary arts as a career rather than a last resort for a career when everything else fails. Cool Kids Cook encourages kids to eat healthy, fight obesity, and overall get kids comfortable in the kitchen to cook.







Facebook: Aleem Shabazz (Chef Aleem)

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