BonFun Review

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BonFun Review


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BonFun Cocktails:


Have you ever tried Bonfun? Chances are, you probably haven’t heard about this new adult beverage. If you haven’t, you’re missing out. This is by far, one of my favorite reviews to date and I am already addicted to this liquor. BonFun is a handcrafted cognac infused wine that is aged for 5 years. It’s smooth, convenient and even comes in a trendy bottle. I was reluctant to try Bonfun when I first read the description because even though I love my wine, I am not the biggest fan of cognac and really didn’t know what to expect. I made sure to refrigerate the bottle and once it was chilled I couldn’t wait to pop it open. When I mentioned Bonfun is convenient, I meant because it doesn’t require a wine tool to open the bottle. Instead, there is a plastic, removable cork. Once you take off the cork, you get a whiff of a strong cognac.


The aroma made me nervous because I not a cognac drinker, but to my surprise, It was very smooth and had a pleasant aftertaste. Bonfun comes in both red and white versions, and I was drinking the red. It actually reminded me of a red sangria with a little less fruit and more liquor. The cognac and wine was actually a perfect mix and it was very easy to drink on the rocks. Bonfun is not for the weak, it has a 17% alcohol volume and after about 3 glasses I knew the bottle wasn’t lying. The white BonFun was just as smooth (and strong) as the red version but a bit fruitier. It is actually a very interesting drink and I am not sure my review will do it justice because it really is not like anything I’ve ever had. I also hosted a tasting to get different opinions and Bonfun did not disappoint. Both my wine drinkers and my cognac drinkers loved it. I did notice the wine drinkers tended to stick with the white and my liquor people enjoyed the red, but no one ruled it out altogether. Four people ended up inquiring about where they could purchase this incredible new drink. Currently, this exclusive creation is only available in the New York area. You can visit their website here for ordering info: say, try Bonfun yourself and I am sure you will enjoy it. I happen to think life is more fun with BonFun!




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