July Social Cravings: Celebrating 25 Years of Entertainment Journalism Excellence By Jamie Foster Brown Of Sister2Sister Media

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As a blogger, I receive many invitations to cover various events. I always enjoy covering these events, and I normally attend as a guest, not as a media outlet. It’s one thing to cover an event because it’s your job, but it’s a bonus to cover an event you’ve always wanted to attend.

I was asked to cover July’s edition of “Social Cravings,” and of course, I gladly accepted. This month at the “Social Cravings” event, Chef Ray Stallings, who is the chef of the new, swanky restaurant “Koture,” (formerly “Fins”), was the featured chef; Jamie Foster Brown of Sister2Sister magazine was the honoree of the evening, and the event was hosted by Egypt Sherrod.

The theme of this event was “Celebrating 25 Years of Entertainment, Journalism & Excellence,” by Jamie Foster Brown. I had heard superb reviews about Koture’s menu and its food. I had not been to the newly renovated establishment in quite some time, so I was intrigued to be a part of this event and to see what Chef Stallings had to offer.


Eating With Erica (Erica Key), Jamie Foster Brown


Chef Ray Stalling, Eating With Erica (Erica Key) 


Chef Mark Phillips, Eating With Erica (Erica Key) 


Jamie Foster Brown,Eating With Erica (Erica Key), Egypt Sherrod 

The beautiful and talented, Egypt Sherrod, who is the host of HGTV’s “Property Virgins” and is an on-air-personality on V103 (103.3 FM), was flawless and was the “hostess with the mostess.”  She has a loveable personality and great energy. I knew that she would keep the crowd excited and energetic.

Not only am I a huge subscriber of Sister2Sister magazine for the past five years, I have always wanted to meet Jamie Foster Brown! I find her extremely inspirational and an excellent role model for women of today. I was certain this event was going to be a very memorable one.

The evening started with Chef Ray Stallings preparing a shrimp grit cake with a creamy white wine sauce.  The first dish was enjoyable, and I definitely wanted a larger portion. Since seafood is Chef Stallings specialty, I was certain that this dish would be perfect, and it was. I love seafood, and the grit cake was tasty. It was very light and it didn’t have a “greasy” feel or taste to it.

grit cake

Grit Cake topped with Cajun Sauce and Shrimp

Chef Stallings was very entertaining to watch. He interacted with the crowd and the segment was enjoyable. The second tasting that was prepared was a seared Ahi tuna salad. Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of seared Ahi tuna. It’s definitely on my Top 5 of favorite foods.  During “tasting,” it’s always hit or miss with what type of food is prepared because not all foods are prepared on the spot. With that being said, the Ahi tuna wasn’t my favorite. It was a bit dry, but I am sure if it were prepared in a real restaurant setting, it would have been more enjoyable. The salad dressing was tasty and had decent seasoning. But, again, I am sure if it had been prepared in the restaurant, it would have been a home run.


Ahi tuna Salad 


Eating With Erica (Erica Key), Nicci Gilbert


Black Girls Radio Host Stacii Jae, Celebrity Stylist Melvin, LHHA Star Mimi Faust 

The event continued after the food segment to highlight the positive impact Jamie Foster Brown has had in journalism and in  women’s lives. For approximately 20 minutes, she shared priceless wisdom and  information about business-minded, dating, and conducting yourself as a respectful young woman. Her segment was my favorite part of the entire event, and I was humbled to have been at the same event as her. Needless to say, the event was fun, enjoyable, and a great networking opportunity. I encourage everyone to attend this event the next time that it takes place in Atlanta.



Black Girls Radio Host Stacii Jae, Eating with Erica (Erica Key), LHHA Star Mimi Faust 


 Eating with Erica (Erica Key), Heather Walker 


Black Girls Radio Host Stacii Jae, Eating with Erica (Erica Key)

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