Clement Rhum Review

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Clement Rhum 




Clement Cocktails:

Typically, I am strictly a “white liquor” drinker, and I never really branch out from my comfort zone regarding liquor. I usually stick to what I know, and that may sound like a double standard considering I am always encouraging everyone to try new foods and restaurants; however, liquor is a completely different ball game.

If you drink the wrong liquor, you could end up with the worst hangover, which has happened to me. I am very particular with my choice of spirits. I usually stay within the wine realm and vodka.

I finally decided it may be a good time to try something new. So after months of putting this off, I decided to branch out and try a few nice liquors.

I gave my friend, Yancy, a call who is a liquor broker for several different liquor brands. I wanted to try a new rhum, because I felt as if tequila would be too much too soon.

He informed me that there was a great liquor that he believed that I would enjoy, and the name of it is Clement Rhum. So who better to call when wanting to try a new liquor!


Yancy and I set up a day for me to try the Clement Rhum. The first thing I noticed were the amazing bottles. Everyone knows how important presentation is to me, and the gorgeous bottles made want to sample the liquor.

Before I sampled the liquor, Yancy gave me the background information about Clement. I love when products have a great story. Yancy started off by telling me Clement just celebrated their 125th anniversary. Clement is a “Rhum Agricole,” which is a type of rum produced in Martinique.  Martinque is located in the French Carribean island of Martinique, Rhum Clément.

The founder of Rhum Clément, Homere Clément, is credited as being the “father of Rhum Agricole,” which is the distillation of rhum from pure sugar cane juice.


My first question was: What is the difference between rum and rhum? I wanted to know because I had tried various rums and enjoyed them. Well, the major difference is that rum is distilled from fermented molasses, an industrial by-product of sugar production. This means industrial-aged or dark rums are commonly modified with caramel and other sweeteners to give them their taste and color.

Rhum Agricole is produced mostly in French territories in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean and is a distillate of pure sugarcane juice. Fresh, pressed sugarcane juice is fermented and distilled to preserve natural aromas and flavor of terroir and the natural vegetal character of the sugarcane.

Rhum is made from the aromatic free-run juice of estate grown sugarcane. So I was pretty thrilled to know that the rhum was pure and the quality was impressive. It’s important when trying anything new to try the best, because if you don’t, you may not want to try it again.

I don’t know if you have ever attended a liquor sampling, but when you do, you drink the liquor straight. When I had my first sampling, I was expecting my throat to be on fire, but it was quite the contrary. The liquor was smooth, and I could smell the fruitiness in the drink.

I sampled several of the Clement liquors, and I am truly a fan. The quality and smooth taste made my new liquor experience quite enjoyable. I was caught off guard and was pleasantly surprised.

I would purchase and recommend the brand.  I will be drinking more Clement and trying new liquors. I give this experience two thumbs up!


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