Recipe: Lemon Basil Champagne Spitzer

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Summer is finally here, and I am sharing one of my favorite cocktails of the season that’s super easy.  It has become my go-to for entertaining.  I had the best time collaborating and sharing my recipe with my good friends at Draper James.  Read the full interview here:

During the summer, I love flavors that are fresh and invigorating.  Not to mention that I’m a girl who loves her bubbly.  This lemon basil champagne spritzer is fabulous!  When I have events such as bridal showers, girls brunches, or pretty much any event, I make a pitcher of it, and it is always a hit.  The recipe is below, and  I hope you enjoy it!

Lemon Basil Champagne Spitzer 


* 1 cup of champagne

* 1/2 cup lemonade

* 1 tablespoonful of Basil Simple syrup

* 1/4 cup sparking water

* 1 lemon (sliced)

* 1 pack of basil leaves (for garnish)

* ice


1. Fill the cocktail shaker with ice.

2. Add the basil syrup and lemonade.

3. Shake well.

4. Pour sparkling water into cocktail shaker.

5. Strain into champagne stemless flute.

6. Top with champagne.

7. Garnish with basil & lemon slices.

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