Bar Taco

Address:969 Marietta St Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone Number:(404) 607-8226





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After the Atlanta Eats launch party, Denise, the president of the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society, and I asked several guests where is a great place in the area to stop and have a quick drink.  Denise and I decided to have a drink prior to heading home for the evening, so we walked across the street from Bellwoods Social House and stopped by Bar Taco.

Needless to say, we received more than just a drink.  I love the decor at Bar Taco.  They have an open patio and fireplace, which I am going to be in front of quite often this fall season. The restaurant was pretty busy for a Tuesday night, so we grabbed two seats at the bar.

The menu is a cute paper menu and to place your order, you fill out a paper sheet with a pencil, similar to how it’s done at Mary Mac’s Tea Room.  The Bar Taco menu has a variety of tempting tacos.  I immediately knew the pork belly and duck taco was going to be on my plate.


Fireplace at Bar Taco


Inside Bar Taco 

The prices for the tacos are very reasonable.  Except for a few items, the entire menu is gluten free.  The bartender informed us of the size of the tacos.  They really are rather small, but I wasn’t that hungry, so the size was perfect for me, of course.


Port Chester Rivera

I started with a drink: a glass of wine.  The Malbec was calling my name, but they were out; therefore, I was bummed out.  The bartender recommended the Port Chester Rivera.  Considering I am not a huge fan of gin, I was not going to order the drink.  But the bartender insisted the drink was so smooth, and that I wouldn’t taste the strong taste of gin, which I hate.  She was right!  This drink was a winner!  This drink has millers gin, cucumber, mint, mango, nectar, and lime juice.


Delish Tacos at Bar Taco


Awesome Pork Belly Taco 

With my perfectly seasoned delectable ribeye, duck, and pork belly taco, it was an awesome night.  Then we tried their amazing ice cream.  We sampled three flavors: coconut, mint chocolate, and chocolate.  My favorite was the coconut.


Tasty Ice Cream At Bar Taco

The chef at Bar Taco is the extremely talented Chef Anthony.  He is both friendly and an awesome chef.  The staff was fun, and everyone really seemed to enjoy being at work which says a lot.

Make sure you stop by and visit Bar Taco on Marietta Street in Atlanta!