Denny’s of Guam

Address: 393 South Marine Drive 96913 Guam

Phone Number: 671.646.1475



While in Guam, I decided to dine at the local Denny’s.  When I went on Facebook to  check-in at Denny’s, my notifications went crazy.  The most asked question was: Why did you travel across the world to dine at Denny’s?  My response wasn’t an answer, but a question:  Does your Denny’s serve Bangus?

While traveling, you see several common restaurant chains, but they add a unique twist to their menus.  This Denny’s was no different.  This Denny’s had two menus: a standard American menu and a Guam menu.  On the Guam menu, there were distinctive menu options that made me forget that I was even at a Denny’s.

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After speaking with our server, I decided to try the Bangus and eggs.  Bangus is a milk fish that is extremely popular in the Philippines .  It was once a fish only eaten by royalty.  I consider myself royalty, so Bangus is what I ordered. *giggle*


The fish is typically marinated in vinegar and seasoned in garlic.  It was rich in flavor, and the fish texture was a mix between catfish and tilapia.  I enjoyed Bangus so much that I went to this Denny’s restaurant twice.  The second time I had Bangus and sirloin.  The sirloin was diced up and seasoned to perfection.I always enjoy a new restaurant.  This Denny’s was new to me, because at the Denny’s restaurants in Atlanta, they don’t serve Bangus on their menus.


 The next time you travel out of the country, I highly recommend that you dine at a locally-chained restaurant in that country to see how their menus differ from the menus of the chained restaurants in the United States.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

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