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Chef Of The Month

Chef Of Month February and March: Lance Toro

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With years of experience and a very impressive resume of clients such as Christina Aguilera and Jerry Bruckheimer, along with his dedication to cooking, Chef Lance Toro was perfect for an Eating with Erica February and March Chef of the Month. His energetic personality was an added bonus, and I was really excited to sit down to interview him!

Q. What is the best part of your job?

A. The best part of my job has to be I love doing this for a living.  I love food.  I love creating food, and I love to see people’s  faces when they put the first bite in their mouth.  I love to be able to showcase my talent.  Food runs through my veins.

Q. If you were scheduled for the electric chair tomorrow, what would be your last meal?

A. Braised short ribs and garlic mashed shallot butter peas with a Caesar salad.

photo (6)

King Crab Stuffed Dover Sole

photo (4)

Chipotle Bourbon Smoked Pulled Pork

Q. Who do you like to cook for the most? 

A. There is nothing better than cooking for my friends.  Just last week, I whipped up a barbecue pulled pork in the smoker.  No matter what it is, my food is usually a hit with them.  The smoker is amazing.  Sixteen-hour smoked pulled pork shoulder is always a hit.

Q. What is the differences between a personal chef and a private chef?

A. A personal chef has several clients that they may visit.  They cook various meals.  A private chef has one family, and they work all day.  I am a private chef, and I have been a private chef for 16 years.  I’ve cooked for families.  I have been able to travel and tour with my clients.  The transition was tough because I didn’t have prior experience.  But I really learned how to multi task, push myself, and make the most amazing food in the worst situations.

Make sure to follow Chef Lance on Instagram & Twitter: ChefLanceToro

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Udon Noodles with Lobster & Ponzu sauce

photo (3)

Baby Back Ribs Prepared on the Grill Dome

photo (12)

Chef Lance Toro preparing food

Q. Is there any added pressure working with celebrities?

A. Absolutely.  With celebs, their egos are huge.  Being on the road is really intense.  There are entourages, long nights, and a lot of unexpected unique situations.  It can be very challenging.

Q. How did you get started in cooking?

A. At 16 years old, I lived in Ohio.  I started working in a Chinese restaurant, and I was a dishwasher.  After working as a dishwasher, I worked as a cook.  After working at the Chinese restaurant, I walked into the fanciest Italian restaurant named Fiores El Rio. Bob Manie was the chef, and he hired me and helped me to pursue my dream of cooking.  I decided to move to California and did some construction work.  I stopped working in construction to pursue cooking.  That was a huge pay cut, but it was completely worth it in the long run.  After moving to California, I really thrived.  At 25 years old, I became an executive chef.

Q. What are your current projects?

A. I am the national spokesman for Grill Dome which is based out of Norcross, Georgia.  Grill Doom is the best ceramic grill.  Ed Hamlin, an amazing inventor, and I, are working on several projects.  He has brilliant ideas, and we are really excited to release the chef grip.

Make Sure To Follow Chef Lance Toro on Twitter and Instagram: Cheflancetoro

 photo (10) 

Chef Grip 

   photo (5)

Grill Dome

Erica Key

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