Erica Key spends her days searching the world for delectable bites from some of the finest restaurants and hidden gems. Her expertise has been trusted by national news outlets and top-rated shows since 2013. Erica experiences pure joy showing residents and travelers how to discover the perfect dishes in many parts of the world. She also shares her admiration for food through her original and delightful recipes. Her love for various flavors and scents has now culminated in her launching her inaugural product, a food-inspired candle line!

Eating with Erica (EWE) Candles light up homes in an unforgettable way, as you are made to reminisce on the fresh and vibrant scents you find in the kitchen and at your favorite eateries. All of the candles carry a special blend to spark a different euphoria. Each of the EWE Candles are eco-friendly, renewable, and sustainable. The candles work for any occasion and make the perfect gift for the holidays, housewarmings, and all special moments. Candle lovers will also enjoy a spirit refresher at any point in the day. Enjoy the perfect combination of fragrances, food, and fun with EWE Candles.