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CyC Fitness Buckhead

IMG_1846With summer rapidly approaching, it’s time for Eating with Erica to get fit.  There are tons of beaches and boats with my name on it, so it’s a must that I get fit for some bikini fun in the sun.  I visited one place that I knew would whip me into shape and that would be ‘CyC Fitness.’

Located in the Buckhead Forum Athletic Club, CyC Fitness has an awesome spin class.  I got lost driving there, but I made the class with three minutes to spare.  Initially, I was nervous about the spin class.  It’s 45 minutes of hard-core spinning.  When you first walk in, it’s impossible not to get pumped up by the bright lights flashing and loud retro music bumping along with the energetic cycologist.  You immediately take the mindset, “I can do this, I got this.”  My cycologist’s name was Idia , and she was totally amazing!


There are a wide range of skill sets in the class so that you don’t feel awkward.  When the cycologist sees you getting tired or easing up, she comes right by your side and pushes you to keep going. The class is full of excited spinners ready for their next move, and the energy really pushes you.  The class workout your entire body! A few times I thought to myself, “My, God!  There is no way I can finish this class!”  But 45 minutes later, I pulled through.


If you’re looking to get in shape prior to summer, this is the class for you.  They have tons of classes no matter what your schedule is.  I can assure you that you will have a great time, and you’ll be burning many calories while doing so.

Erica Key

Erica Key is the editor-in-chief and founder of Eating with Erica. She founded Eating with Erica in 2013 due to her love for the Atlanta food scene. Erica is an award-winning Atlanta-based blogger with a passion for all things dining, entertaining, and food.



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