This year at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival there were tons of various spirits and wines to try.  I am broadening my horizons with new spirits, so I decided to give Moonshine a try.  Moonshine is a high-proof distilled spirit.  Distilling Moonshine requires four main ingredients: corn, sugar, yeast, and water.  Corn can be substituted with various ingredients including barley, rye, or fruit.  For early moonshiners, making and selling alcohol wasn’t a hobby or a way to make extra cash, it was how they survived.


Ole Smoky Moonshine at the 2014 Atlanta Wine and Food Festival 

When sampling new liquors, it’s important to try the best when trying liquors for the first time.  It can and will ruin your new experience if you don’t.  I decided to give Ole Smoky a try.  The first reason I decided to try this particular Moonshine is that they have such awesome flavors such as Original Moonshine, White Lightnin’, Peach Moonshine, Apple Pie Moonshine, Blackberry Moonshine, Strawberry Moonshine, Lemon Drop Moonshine, and Charred Moonshine.  The second reason is that they recently won four medals at the 2014 Craft Spirits Awards International!  And last, but not least, Ole Smoky is the leading distiller of premium Moonshine in the U.S. and the first federally licensed distillery in the history of East Tennessee.


The various flavors of Ole Smoky Moonshine at the 2014 Atlanta Wine and Food Festival 

I tried plenty of Moonshine this year, but one of my favorites had to be Ole Smoky Moonshine.  I sampled the Peach Moonshine with the Moonshine cherries.  I am a complete lightweight when it comes to liquors, so before drinking it, I immediately held my breath and expected the worst.  Surprisingly, the drink was totally opposite of what I expected.  The Peach Moonshine was very sweet and refreshing.  It was smooth and had just enough of liquor.  The cherries were fresh Maraschino cherries soaked in Ole Smoky’s 100-proof Moonshine.  The cherries are basically mini shots which were so awesome!


Peach Ole Smoky Moonshine at the 2014 Atlanta Wine and Food Festival 


Tasty Ole Smoky Cherries at the 2014 Atlanta Wine and Food Festival 

Make sure to add Ole Smoky to your bucket list of Moonshines to experience.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed! Visit their website at:

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