Christal Jordan’s Birthday Brunch At Food Therapy

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I had a great time attending the birthday brunch of Enchanted PR president, Christal Jordan.  Enchanted PR is a premiere public relations firm based in Atlanta (  The brunch was filled with delicious specialty fruit-infused margarita cocktails sponsored by Girls Nite Out Margaritas (  Everyone knows that I love a great cocktail.  Girls Nite Out Margaritas, or GNO Margaritas, has a delicious, smooth fruity flavor with just enough liquor that made the drink strong yet enjoyable.

The birthday brunch was held at Food Therapy (, and I am always thrilled to visit a new restaurant.  Add Food Therapy to your bucket list, because it’s definitely a must-try, because the food was enjoyable.  Located in the Brookhaven area, Food Therapy has three of my favorite things: great food, amazing ambiance, and hookah.  Prepared by Chef Jose Flores, we were treated to hummus with pita bread, zucchini cakes, which consisted of minced zucchini mixed with mint, garlic, dill and lemon zest; grilled chicken skewers topped with basil and yogurt sauce.  From the décor to the authentic Mediterranean cuisine, Food Therapy was a hit, and I had an awesome time!  I can’t wait for my next visit to this establishment!


Eating With Erica ,Enchanted PR President Christal Jordan, and Tamar Telahun Owner of Food Therapy.












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