Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant

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Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant 

Address: 2781 Clairmont Rd Atlanta, GA 30329

Phone Number: (404) 417-0991

Hours:  Mon-Fri 4 pm – 10 pm: Sat-Sun 12 pm – 10 pm




Instagram: @meskerematl

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There are tons of social media websites, each with benefits. My favorite has to be Instagram. Instagram is perfect for a foodie since I can search a variety of hashtags (#) to view different restaurants, new chefs and great pictures of food. As a foodie and a visual learner, Instagram never fails. While on Instagram, I stumbled across a page, @meskerematl.

The pictures of the food looked spectacular. I started double tapping away. I decided to stop by to visit this place immediately. Meskerem is located off of Clairmont Road and I-85. The location is convenient and easy to find. Meskerem specializes in Ethiopian cuisine. I was very interested to see what Meskerem had to offer since I couldn’t remember the last time I had any Ethiopian cuisine.


 Meskerem Ethiopian Cuisine 

There are two sides to Meskerem. The first side of Meskerem is a restaurant and the second side turns into a lounge at night on the weekends. It’s the best of both worlds. The Chef and I chatted for awhile prior to starting my dining experience. He educated me on Ethiopian cuisine. For instance, I started with an Appetizer: 3 Beef Sambusa and 3 Lamb Sambusa. He explained Sambusa is pastry shell stuffed with beef/lamb and chopped green pepper. The appetizer was very different.

The seasoning of the lamb and beef was just right and the special sauce it was served with made it even better. The Chef wouldn’t give me the ingredients used to make the secret sauce. Sambusa is very similar to a spring roll. The sauce was slightly spicy but the texture was similar to a remoulade sauce. My entrée was a creamy chicken tortellini with spicy alfredo sauce. I love pasta so I was very interested to see how the chef was going to add his own personal twist to this dish. It was awesome.


3 Beef Sambusa and 3 Lamb Sambusa


 Creamy Chicken Tortellini With Spicy Alfredo Sauce.


 Misir Wot,Stewed Chicken,Gomen, Injer and Salad

The chicken was seasoned to perfection and the sauce was a creamy alfredo with a spicy hint. At this point I was stuffed. But I made room for the last dish. The last dish was Injera served with misir wot,stewed chicken, gomen, and salad. Injera is a thin-pancake like bread. Injera is made with teff flour, the smallest grain in the world.

Traditional Ethiopian cuisine is not eaten with utensils; Injera acts as the eating utensil. You take a piece of injera from the side and scoop up bite size servings from the platter. It had a variety of servings ranging from stewed chicken, salad, and misir wot (spicy lentils). I was very pleased with my experience trying a culture of food and even more pleased with Meskerem.

The food was so impressive, I actually ended up returning sooner than I expected, 4 days later.  Meskerem launched its grand opening brunch. It was very enjoyable and I expected nothing less. The brunch had several options ranging from a waffle station, omelet station, fresh fruit, catfish, tortellini and traditional Ethiopian cuisine.

The brunch also offered complimentary mimosas. Meskerem has brunch each Sunday starting at noon. For the men, Meskerem has six tvs and hookahs. Ladies- the mimosas keep coming.  After leaving my comfort zone and trying a new culture of food, I enjoyed it and will be returning, next week for brunch.


Brunch at Meskerem

brunch 2

Brunch at Meskerem

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