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Cafe Vena At Vinings

Cafe Vena At Vinings

Address: 3300 Cobb Parkway, Suite 104 Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Phone Number: (770) 937-9089

Hours: Tuesday 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm Wedesday – Satursday: 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm



Cafe Vena at Vinings on Urbanspoon
Cafe Vena at Vinings on Urbanspoon

I first found out about Cafe Vena through Chef Bret Bowen and Sous Chef Jeff Stone. I was accepting entries for Eating With Erica’s monthly chef of the month and both submitted their information. After viewing their Instagram page (Chefbrett4885 and _Cheffrey) with many pictures of food they were preparing, I was curious to chat with Brett and Jeff more. After discussing their experiences and their current project Cafe Vena at Vinings, Brett and Jeff invited me to Cafe Vena for dinner. After viewing the menu I was ready to give Cafe Vena a try. I was very intrigued to find out what Cafe Vena had to offer.


When I first arrived at Cafe Vena, I thought the location was great. It’s in a trendy shopping center and the bright purple lettering makes it hard to miss. Walking up to the restaurant the first thing you notice is the patio. I love patios especially in the summer. The Cafe Vena patio is very inviting and a nice intimate size. I arrived and the hostess was very prompt and friendly. I was seated and noticed the bright colors in the decor, the stage and the eye-catching bar. I decided to visit on a Wednesday because live music was available.  Whenever I visit a restaurant, I like to experience everything the restaurant has to offer. The menu was very unique with appetizers ranging from grilled artichokes to beet salad and entrees ranging from lamb chops to crab cakes. The pricing is very reasonable at Cafe Vena at Vinings.

CVV dining roomCVV Bread

Before arriving, I already decided I was going to try the lamb chops. I love lamb chops but I am always nervous about portion sizes. Everyone has their own way of preparing lamb chops and some restaurants are very skimpy on the portion sizes. I decided to take my chances. You can’t go wrong with lamb chops and collard greens. I started my meal with a beet salad and deviled egg. Needless to say, I was in love with the beet salad. Gouda and goat cheese are the way to my heart. The salad was light, yet full of flavor. The goat cheese wasn’t overbearing in flavor. The deviled egg was the best and I am usually not a fan of deviled eggs. But when I visit restaurants I make it a point to try the chef signature items whether I am fond of the ingredients or not. I am recommending the deviled egg to everyone that visits Cafe Vena. The potato chip gives the deviled egg an extra zest.

CVV Beets 

Beet Salad with Herb Goat Mousse,Shallot, Lemon Black Pepper and Honey.

CVV Lamb

Lamb Rack. Lamb served with Southern Grit Cakes, Braised Greens,  Blueberry Mint Demi and Herbs.

CVV Steak

Hanger Steak Seasoned with Bacon Rosemary Rub, Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Asparagus and Balsamic Pan Sauce.

CVV Devil

Egg n Bacon Deviled Eggs with Bacon Rillette,Bread and Butter Pickle. Topped with a Potato Chip and Chives

When the lamb chops came out I was already stuffed. The portion was to my satisfaction. The lamb was full of flavor.I could taste the blueberry mint demi and herbs in every bite. The collard greens were seasoned to perfection. The collards reminded me of my moms. Full of seasoning and flavor in every bite and it was more than enough. Needless to say, I had to take a to-go box. Half-way into my meal Lisa Manuli started to perform. The live music is the cherry on top. Great food, amazing ambience and live music; I couldn’t have asked for more.  My overall dining experience at Cafe Vena at Vinings was highly favorable. I am going back and would recommend this restaurant to everyone.

CVV Chef

Eating With Erica, Chef Jeff Stone and Brett Bowen.



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