I have been on a juice kick lately, and I have fallen in love with Bamboo Juices.  Bamboo Juices is handbottled at Serenbe Farms located in Palmetto, Georgia.  The juice is always fresh because it is made-to-order so that each customer receives their juice within hours of it being pressed.  And what I love best is that the juice comes in a glass bottle, which could be useful to reuse.  Don’t forget to Reduce, recycle, reuse! Some of my favorite juices are: Gala apple juice Cilantro celery Cinnamon yam Lemon ginger Beet cucumber Each juice has simple ingredients and each flavor is made for a specific health reason.  In each recipe, there are no more than five ingredients.  That’s so you can actually taste each flavor and fully experience the health benefits of each plant. Bamboo Juices is made in small batches.  They make a minimum of five, but no more than 15 bottles are made.  If you are looking to become more healthy in your diet, this is totally the juice for you.  And Bamboo Juices offers delivery so that you can have your juices delivered straight to your door!

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