Beatrice & Woodsley
Address: 38 South Broadway Denver, CO
Phone Number: (303) 777-3505
Twitter: @b_heart_w
Instagram: no official Instagram, but check out the hashtag #beatriceandwoodsley for an array of pictures from the restaurant.

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On a chilly Wednesday night while visiting Denver, my boyfriend and I found ourselves in one of the most incredible restaurants I have had the pleasure of visiting: Beatrice & Woodsley. Upon walking in, we were greeted immediately by a kind hostess with a bubbly personality and a great cocktail recommendation. She sat us at a lovely little table close to a window. The scene in Beatrice & Woodsley is whimsical, with Aspen trees filling the restaurant, wine barrels for ceilings, and white cloths hung around, creating a feeling of being lost in a wonderful fairy-tale. The cocktail that was recommended by the hostess was the Violet You’re Turning Violet, which was a mix of house-infused violet vodka mixed with blueberries, ginger, and lemon juice. It was delicious.

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For our first course, we ordered the “A Most Pretty Salad” which was a beautiful combination of pickled beets, Belgian endive, fermented mustard seeds gathered alongside the salad, fresh ricotta that is made in-house, and a topping of delightfully tasty olive oil. Think soft, mild ricotta with the pop of a mustard seed paired with the bitterness of the endive and the earthy taste of pickled beets. This salad marked a wonderful beginning to an incredible meal.

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The Daily Restorative was a sweet potato and parsnip soup, which was memorable of a cozy Thanksgiving. This changing item was a great, warm starter that was easy to sip on while enjoying conversation with guests and taking in Beatrice and Woodsley’s lovely setting.

Our waiter recommended the crawfish beignets as a traditional starter. Imagine something very reminiscent of a savory doughnut – except with a flavorful aioli as the glaze and spicy powdered sugar to top it off. Once you cut into the beignet, the red pepper aioli oozes out onto the plate, making it the perfect dip for the remainder of the beignet. No doubt, you will have fun with these delicious, spicy beignets.

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If you are a mushroom lover, make sure to order the prelude to epilogue. This dish is sprawled out on a small plate, portraying the earthy, sauteed flavor of the chanterelles and roasted squash. The plate is dabbed with crème fraiche and a delicious poppy seed vinaigrette. The pickled serrano chilies give an incredible kick; according to our waiter, only one of out ten serranos are crazy spicy – so when I was sucking down my water, he told me I should feel fortunate to have been the one out of ten. Yes, this place and its workers truly are awesome.

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Next was the Cauliflower Hearts Broccoli dish. You can be sure that you are getting all of the fresh flavors that Colorado has to offer when ordering this veggie-happy ‘petit’. On top of the cauliflower and broccoli is a savory walnut salsa verde next to a dried farm fresh egg yolk. The yolk brings out the flavor of the cauliflower and the broccoli. There was an undertone flavor of citrus which made the entire dish light and fresh.

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Of course, we could not leave without trying the Root Vegetable Risotto. I was so impressed with this dish. The flavor profile is very complex, but the best way to describe it is having a creamy mushroom flavor cooked within the soft risotto. In the middle of this delectable dish is a stack of root vegetables (sweet potatoes, potatoes) that bring a zing of seasonal veggies to this incredibly savory, mouthwatering dish. On top is fried boy choy, giving you a crisp texture within the midst of all of the other soft, melt-in-your-mouth components of the dish.unnamed

After all of this, it was time for dessert. The recommendation was the Banana Cream Pie, said to be one of the traditional dishes of the restaurant. Normally I am not a fan of banana cream pies, but Beatrice and Woodsley offered an incredible approach. Think fresh whipped cream, cool bananas, and some type of toffee covering the bottom. This creamy, traditional dish is worth the food baby that is sure to follow.


Throughout the meal we had a visit from the manager to make sure everything was going perfectly. The entire staff is very caring, giving the restaurant a comfortable yet upscale feeling.

Overall, the experience and the food that Beatrice and Woodsley offers is unlike any other. The decor in the restaurant creates a whimsical experience, and the setting and the service paired with the incredible food and drink at this special spot creates an unforgettable and delicious few hours of wining and dining.

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