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Address: 1515 Market Street Denver, CO 80202

Phone Number: (303) 571-0011

Website: http://www.1515restaurant.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1515Restaurant/

Twitter: @1515Restaurant

Instagram: @1515Restaurant

On a lively Tuesday evening in Downtown Denver, I had the pleasure of tasting a delectable array of dishes from 1515 restaurant.  When walking into 1515, a kind hostess standing to the side of a gorgeous, modern bar first greets you. As you follow the hostess upstairs to the main restaurant, you will notice a huge change in scenery.  The upstairs is an adorable room with decor that is reminiscent of a chic, fancy French bistro.


Appetizers are an essential and telling taste of a meal, so when I tried the appetizers at 1515, they hit the nail right on the head.  Their appetizers are phenomenal.  You should definitely try the Grilled Radicchio e Mozzarella Di Bufala.  The main component of this delicious starter is the crispy, grilled gnocchi paired along with the grilled cabbage and endive.  The gnocchi had the texture of being flash-fried before being plated, which created the most melt-in-your-mouth texture and flavor.  It’s also mixed in a basil vinaigrette, which gives this dish a sweet and spicy flavor.

The roasted garlic soup appealed to all of my tastebuds.  Imagine oven-roasted garlic turned creamy and thick into a hearty and nourishing soup.  The crunch of the pesto on top and the fresh olive oil stirred in gave this soup a flavor that touches the spirit of any true garlic lover.

1515 Resturant Denver Colorado

What is a trip to a nice restaurant without a try of the classic Caprese salad?  1515 creates a different experience here.  Alongside the juicy heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella is a nice mix of spicy arugula topped with tangy feta cheese.  Talk about getting some greens in.

For the entree, make sure you indulge yours in one of 1515’s classics.  They have a range of meats that are farmed locally and sustainably, as well as incredible seafood dishes including Bouillabaisse Americana.  For a veg-friendly dish, you must try their winter vegetable risotto.

Denver Colorado 1515 Resturant

The winter vegetable risotto is the perfect mix of creamy and crunchy. There is a subtle cheese flavor that brings out the promising flavor of the winter vegetables. The crunch of the veggies gives the dish a component that goes beyond a classic risotto.  This dish is for even the greatest of meat eaters, as it satisfies all of the senses and pleases the palate and the stomach.

The Bouillabaisse Americana came equipped with lobster, mussels, the catch of the day, gulf shrimp, crab rouille en crostini, and the marvelous tastes of fennel, saffron, and tomato.  This dish came with a nitro finish (a liquid was poured into the bottom of the plate, causing a wonderful smoke to come out with a marvelous smell filling the air.)

Denver Best Resturant 1515 Resturant

Do not underestimate the potatoes that come paired with all of the fresh seafood, as they are the perfect starch to soak up all of the saffron and ocean-fresh flavor.

Not only does 1515 offer an incredible array of local freshly prepared dishes fit for a queen, but they also have a wine list with over 500 fine wines.  Talk about a must-visit restaurant.

For most, dessert should be a must. I was far too full from my dinner to possibly think about putting chocolate in my mouth.  Luckily, though, the dessert menu is extensive, and for those that might need a bit of a boost, the cappuccino puts the perfect cap on a well-rounded meal.

Denver Colorado 1515

The service at 1515 is outstanding.  They make sure that their customers feel cozy and full throughout the entire meal.  Not only was the waiter incredibly helpful and welcoming, but also the executive chef, Gene Tang.  Gene made an appearance throughout our meal to answer any questions I may have had and to make sure my meal was going smoothly, which, of course, it was.

If you ever find yourself in Downtown Denver with its lively scene of bars, shops, coffee houses, and restaurants, make sure to treat yourself to an elegant night at 1515 Restaurant.

By: Chelsea Barbee


Chelsea Barbee is a third year student at Georgia State University. As a child, she loved to help her mom in the kitchen, whether it was sautéing mushrooms or baking chocolate chip cookies. After being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2009, Chelsea began her true exploration into the world of food. Throughout the years, her food exploration slowly became her passion and is presently what makes her world spin. Now a resident of the ever-evolving foodie city of Atlanta, Georgia, Chelsea has the opportunity to make each day taste incredible. She enjoys learning and eating her way through the Atlanta food scene, one bite, crunch, and sip at a time. She spends her free time practicing yoga, eating way too much sushi, and wandering around Trader Joe’s for hours on end. Follow Chelsea On Social Media @chelseabarbee13

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