Macaron Queen Grand Opening North Point MallFinia Jahangard, the Macaron Queen herself, is a lifelong entrepreneur with a rich background in real estate, law, and the art of French pastry. Her love for the delicate cookies developed throughout her frequent travels to Paris, where she immersed herself in history and began perfecting her version of the impossible French macaron. Finia’s cookies have since been featured on many popular TV shows and films including The Vampire Diaries and The Internship and can be found at multiple Macaron Queen locations across Atlanta.

12122528_10153621467430762_1885308926059040049_nAn Atlanta native, Finia attended law school and was a successful real estate agent until she lost a great deal in the market crash. She found solace through baking and poured her heart into the art of perfecting the French macaron, knowing that not even the economy could take that away from her. Having a passion for mathematics, she realized that baking is an act of chemistry and discovered that perfect macarons are the result of having complete control. Through all of her effort, the success of Macaron Queen remains Finia’s proudest accomplishment. Finia currently resides in Atlanta, where she continues to bring her immense knowledge and passion to Macaron Queen.Macs

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